February 20, 2012

The Timely Demise of Entropy

What?! It isn't a Thursday or anywhere near the end of the week and we are posting... How did this happen?

Given that Issue 6 is launching and it contains 9 stories, we will be posting excerpts of the stories throughout each week (plus our usual weekly post) leading up to the launch.

I'm not sure if choosing an excerpt is an art form or something that would best be done with a mathematical formula.

Kim Goldberg's The Timely Demise of Entropy:

            i.b. noone was last seen tossing pebbles into the duck pond. The morning of the phone call, a small raft made from alder saplings had washed ashore near the footbridge. Its only passenger, a damp Tim Horton’s box stuffed with poems scrawled on sugary brown napkins. Their original sequence was unknown but also fairly irrelevant. It was, however, imperative that the poems be shared as soon as possible so that i.b.’s creative animus could be released from this realm and allowed to deconstruct the next. Jano’s replacement, a bouncy summer student majoring in Leisure Studies, told the pomopos the Bengal was free that very night.
           The mathematicians from the University (joined by a few theoretical physicists) were squabbling about a disqualified answer on quadratic equations and scarcely noticed the poets file in. The poets, catching fragments of disjunctive argument, assumed the mathematicians were out-of-town pomopos come to pay their respects.
BIO: Kim Goldberg is an award-winning poet, journalist and author. Her poetry and prose have appeared in  Literary Review of Canada, Geist, Tesseracts 11, Zahir Tales and many other magazines and anthologies. Her latest books are RED ZONE and Ride Backwards on Dragon. She practices the esoteric martial art of Liuhebafa and teaches Kung Fu For Writers on Vancouver Island. Visit www.pigsquashpress.com .

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