February 9, 2012

This Is It

The choice has been made.  Issue 6 is coming.  It will contain great things.
Lamiai, by Anna Avdeeva, will take us to ancient Greece (no, not to discuss a bailout plan, I said ancient) to meet a terrifying myth.
To our surprise, post-modern poets will actually change the world forever in The Timely Demise of Entropy, by KimGoldberg.
Tyler McFarlane will show us how persistent Hungry Hungry Ed can be.
Molly Lynch will tell us about decommissioned ship USS Roosevelt, and how it became a twenty-eight-citizen country.
IraNayman will explain how to control sentient objects or die, in If The Mountain Won't Come to Mohammed.
In Statues, Justin Joschko will chill you to the bone.
Ben Lemieux will tell us the strange story of Grace, and a very old café where extraordinary things used to happen, and will happen again.
As for the Here Be Monsters regulars, Alexander Newcombe will venture into the world of sci-fi murder mystery in Cecilia, and Vincent Mackay will tell us about a very important game of chess in One Move From Checkmate.  Duane Burry did produce another story full of genetic manipulations and mind viruses, but decided to take one for the team, and withdrew his own work to leave more room for submitters.  We thank him for that.
All that and more (amazing cover art by Annabelle Métayer, incredible inside design by Alana Newcombe, merciless editing by Samantha Leclair, and a wonderful printing job by Maison Kasini), in issue 6: Settler 26.

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