February 3, 2012

Publishing Is Like Playing Tetris

Publishing is like playing Tetris. You need the right pieces and elements to come together. They come at you fast and unless you are in a state of flow you get crushed as things pile up around you. You reach that flow-state in Tetris when you have been playing for two hours straight without a break – just dropping blocks.

I would like to imagine that after two years (not two hours), we have gotten close to achieving a flow state for publishing Here Be Monsters. Really we haven’t… but I believe in the power of positive thinking, visualisation and all that (please refrain from bringing up that reality doesn’t run on optimism… it runs on harshness).

Whether or not we have reached a state of flow, Issue 6 is materializing fast. The right pieces have landed, or can be seen coming at us from above. We are very busy maneuvering the pieces coming at us into place. Soon there will be lots of bleeping. That’s what happens in Tetris, right? Just like real life.

Specific information on the actual publication will come in the very near future. For now I can tell you that our Launch date is March 16 at le cagibi in Montréal, Quebec. It is located at 5490 St. Laurent, which is here. March 16 is a Friday.

Our launches are not standard book launches, as far as I am aware. We tried that… once… Ours are rowdier events, as far as book launches go. We like music, writing-improv and comedy. Sometimes we do readings like you would expect at most book launches. There will be drinking, eating and mingling. It’s “celebration”. Books are fun. Book launches should be too. Ours are amazing.  

Copies will be available. They will also be amazing.

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  1. http://www.ted.com/talks/mihaly_csikszentmihalyi_on_flow.html