February 9, 2010

No room on the life raft... and a link to our interview with the Link

Understandably, some people have been asking us about the cover and title of issue one. They read the stories and then asked themselves what this has to do with No Room On The Life Raft. Not in a bad way, simply what is the connection? The amazing cover, that hopefully people have seen, depicts an empty life raft adrift before an otherworldly city. None of the stories take pace in the water... We brainstormed for a unifying factor and that factor was cities. More honestly, the settings for each of the stories. In issue 1 we felt that the settings were important players. The title, No Room On The Life Raft was to evoke a sense of desperation. So in the end, the title and cover were more about mood. All of the protagonists find themselves in situations with the odds against them. They are sinking and they have nothing, or little to hang on to. We have made the promise (maybe a bit too strong of a word) to aim for a cover and title that encompasses what we have done as best we can. Not easy. We have the title for issue 2. Of course we encourage people to interpret what they want in what we do. We are not thought police, mostly. In fact even amongst us there are differences on how we see it. So that is my two cents of incite. Maybe next I will tackle why we call it Here Be Monsters.

On another note, we were interviewed by the Link, the Concordia paper. So anyone in Montréal can pick up a copy. Of course, why do that when all the articles are online? From MMA to bixi bikes to Here be monsters. They could be prompts. Here is the link.  My masters isn't in linguistics, but linguistics was my second choice and it was my BA. I think the article gives a good idea of what we are about. Take a look.


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