February 7, 2010

Launch Party for Issue 2 - Mar. 12th

Hello everyone!

We've confirmed the details for the second launch party.  Once again, we'll be hosted by the incredible Burritoville.  For those unfortunate souls who were not there last time, it's a bar and vegetarian restaurant downtown (not in NDG, despite what Google might say).

At Here Be Monsters, we like to focus on the "party" portion of "launch party". There will be a bartender, great live music, readings, and other hijinks that we come up with on the spot.  So please, come celebrate the bigger, better second issue.  The last launch was a great success and we're hoping to top it with this one.\

Personally, I'm really excited.  Getting a second issue out of the door is a milestone for me.  And we were able to put it together despite the holidays and a lack of time for everyone involved.  My big hope is that if we're able to stick to the 4 per year schedule, people will start anticipating the next release.  That would be amazing.  Maybe I'll start ending my stories with "To be continued..."?  Nah, that isn't fair.  If you see that in a story soon, I promise it's for a legitimate reason and not just because I want to pull a JJ Abrams.

You'll see more details as we get closer, but if you have any questions or comments, feel free to leave them here or contact us over email.  

- Alexander Newcombe

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