February 21, 2010

Here Be Monsters in the Future

We're all ready for our launch party, and the stories are wrapped up, so I've been thinking a lot about what is coming next for Here Be Monsters.  There are two ideas that we've wanted to do for a while now, but they are almost mutually exclusive.

First, the three of us came up with a really interesting setting that we all want to work in.  We've been talking about doing shared world pieces since we started our writing group, and I think we've found a place where that can happen. 

The second idea is opening up the anthology to submissions.  Currently, we've been open to anyone who is in our writing group (which is more than just the three regular authors of the book), but this would be an actual open call.  This is something that we feel is important for the anthology, and I think it would help us in our big goal, which is to become better writers by exposing ourselves to new work.  It involves a whole new step in the process, though, so it's not a task I want to take lightly.

In the end, I think we'll do both of these ideas.  We will have a collection of stories that all take place in the same fantastical setting.  We will also have an open call for short stories that are fun and great.  It's mostly a matter of choosing which goes first.  With the extra work involved in accepting submissions, I believe that will come later, but don't take that as the official word.  If you're interested in submitting your writing, stay tuned to this blog and we'll make sure you hear about it as soon as we start accepting.

That's it for now.  I just wanted to give some outlines as to what to expect from Here Be Monsters in the coming months.  I very much look forward to seeing everyone at the launch party.

Alexander Newcombe


  1. I am psyched about the shared world idea. I already have story concepts (broad themes to explore) in mind. Nothing very definite by any means but it should be fun. Ideas on how we are going to do this would be good to have. Anyone have any ideas on how to collaboratively write fiction? I mean collaboratively writing non-fiction is easy, or easier... Here we have to create a world... what ideas will make it and how will we decide? Good thing is, at least we all get along.

  2. I also look forward to getting submissions. One thing at a time.