August 23, 2010

Welcome Back

Hello to all,
After a summer of writing, we have succeeded in the last writing challenge that we'd set for ourselves in our ongoing need to inflict new labor pains onto our creative minds: each writing a fantasy-like story in a common world. I've read my two co-authors' stories, and I have to say, they're really good. We will therefore be releasing them in our third issue, along with our new website, in mid-November.
Which brings me to said website. You will soon be able to follow everything related to Here Be Monsters on a new, classy, trendy, incredible website that our very own Andrea Davidge is designing for us. This website will also be launched mid-November, which will give us another good reason to throw a party.
We are, as previously said, also accepting submissions for our fourth issue. The submissions guidelines can be found on the blog. We're already receiving stories and impatient to read more.
The coming fall always brings with it a fresh need to write for me. Maybe it's a way to hunker down and prepare for the year; maybe it's just that my brain awakens after the stupor the heat of summer put it in; in any case, new ideas usually come in the fall. I like that. Every year it feels like meeting a familiar friend, that part of me that wants to write, promising new labor pains but also, and above all, good stories.
Get a hearth fire going.
See you soon.