January 23, 2010

Never Tell Me the Odds

It's a lovely, cool Saturday morning and I am thinking about writing a lot.  This is, of course, due to the looming deadlines for the next issue of Here Be Monsters.  We're all geared up though, and I'm even more excited to bring this issue out than the first one.  There's a kind of momentum around a second issue that makes it seem more permanent than the first.  But like I said, I was thinking about writing:

When people ask what kind of stories we write, I tend to say, "They're genre fiction."  For some people, this means nothing.  For others, this is not a label I should admit to.  But I think it suits what we're doing, so I'll happily use it until it no longer fits.  As Here Be Monsters continues, you'll see more variety in the stories, but I imagine that the love of an exciting, adventurous tale will always inhabit them in some way.  So, on the topic of genre fiction, here are a couple of fun links that I recommend you check out:

The Han Solo Theory - A quick podcast about applying the lessons learned from Star Wars to fantastic fiction

Interview with China Miéville - An interview with one of my favourite authors about genre, fantasy, and morality

Keep your eyes on the blog (or the Facebook page) for more updates, excerpts, and thoughts.

Alexander Newcombe

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