January 20, 2010

Issue Number Two

Issue the second of Here Be Monsters is now on the way. The powers that be have gathered and forged it out of imagination, ink and ginger ale. Which, by the way, is much better a writing drink than wine, my apologies to Mr. Beaudelaire, but have you ever tried writing drunk? You think you're a genius until the next morning when you re-read your masterpiece, crumple it into a little ball the size of your hungover ego and throw it into the recycling bin. And that is why we, in our writing group, run on ginger ale. The fact that I'm a complete lightweight has absolutely nothing to do with it.
But I digress. I was saying that the agony of giving birth to our incredible and upcoming issue has started, and we're so brave, we're not even having the epidural until it's three in the morning and the anesthesiologist is at home sleeping. So for the next fer weeks and until delivery, you can expect some exciting story excerpts, random thoughts about writing, some edifying considerations on writing props such as ginger ale and tomato-based non-food (more on that in an upcoming post), as well as many overlong sentences.
Stay with us. Be good. Don't drink and write.


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