September 5, 2013

Penis Lightsabers, or Words As the Underdog of Promotion.

   At FanExpo, our neighbours to the right were Gay Nerds. That's the name of their webseries (which is really funny, check it out). Their logo, which was prominently displayed, was two crossed lightsabers. Shaped like penises.
   I've already told you about about our other neighbours, to the left, who had awesome artwork, also prominently displayed.
   We, on the other hand, had seven stacks of books. And nothing else. No visuals other than the covers by our awesome artists.
   Which meant that the typical FanExpo visitor's gaze would go as follows: look with awe and wonder at the art on our left, slow down, smile beatifically at our neighbours' talent, go blank as they quickly glide over our table, then see the lightsabers, laugh, and go see our neighbours to the right.
   Words are a tougher sale than images. Nothing new there, but the first hand experience of it made me reflect on what it means to...

... Nah, who am I kidding, I'm just jealous.

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  1. You need a big, colorful banner, and free chocolate for next time. ;-)