October 4, 2012

Excerpt From "Cobbled", by Tarquin Steiner

 Alright, so this is almost our last excerpt.  This one is what I think of as our geeky piece.  For those of you who played those old games on BBSs, waaaaay back before the real internet, this will bring back fond memories.

Cobbled Road

It is night. Dim gas lanterns light the street.

To the east is the cobbler's shop. In the upper window are two bright candles.

The ocean breeze chills your neck.

> that's the signal!

You had better get moving.

> run to the door

You burst into the cobbler's shop. The young woman behind the counter starts. "Sir? Is everything alright?"

Cobbler's Shop

It is night. The room is lit well with several lamps.

A few tools are hanging on the wall. Piles of shoes and unsorted papers have collected in every corner.

The west door out is closed.

> ask about cobbler

(to the girl)

"He's upstairs. You must be Stevens. May I take your coat?"

> climb stairs

You leave the woman at the counter and track dirt up the stairs.

Cobbler's Shop---Upper Corridor

Three doors and a stairway down.

> knock on the doors

You proceed down the hall, knocking on each door in turn. From the second, an old voice echoes.

Cobbled Road

It is night. Dim gas lanterns light the street.

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