August 11, 2012

Issue 7, Imaginarium, guest bloggers, comic con and Fantasia!!!

Issue 7 is in the juicer. If you submitted then we should be responding in the next couple of weeks. Our committee is still reading and once we have read everything we will make our decisions. Thanks for opening your over ripe minds to us. Keep writing and keep taking chances.

We will also keep you up to speed on the launch date for issue 7. It is planned for end of September or early October. This in part depends on the availibility of the venue location. We're looking into this.

I've ordered  Imaginarium because it looks cool, and received it. So far, I've read the first story, Looker by David Nickle and rather enjoyed it.

Thoughts on guest bloggers? We are curious what others could contribute. Collaboration is what started this anthology after all. Would you or someone you know have an idea for something to contribute. Do you have a blog, do you not have a blog, but have things to say...? Let us know, if you think we might be interested.

Finally, two projects I hope to follow through on. I'm attending a comic con type event. I have never been to a comic con and I'm not sure what to expect. I was going to hit the one coming up in New York, because I thought, well if comic con is no fun then it's still New York. I was in New York this summmer, I went by bike from Montreal... It was a great city to explore, so getting stuck there if comic con was a bust would not be the worst. A friend has convinced me to go to Toronto, and I'm in Montreal so I can also check out the Montreal event. Back to my bike trip and project two... I want to fictionalize my real trip by bike to New York. Why? Well the real trip was awesome, I do however live in an imaginary world.

Oh, and Fantasia film festival. You will be missed. Till next year.

This blog post is rather scattered. Summer can bring that out.

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