April 14, 2012

What's your writing soundtrack?

I often write to music.  My conversations with other writers leads me to believe this is fairly common.  Music helps you cut out distractions, gets you in the mood, inspires you, propels you forward and, in my case at least, helps me get back to a story after a hiatus, since I use the same playlist throughout a writing project (my playlists are actually often named after stories I'm working on).
Thing is, I write to really cheesy music.  No no, I mean really cheesy.  This is my little guilty pleasure.
Current playlists include things like Francis Cabrel, Michel Pagliaro, Superstition, Eye of the Tiger, and several Bond theme songs.  In the past, I've also written to Metallica, Supertramp, and the Pirates of the Carribean soundtrack, among other things.
For those who don't know Cabrel and Pagliaro, the former is a sappy French singer songwriter that no male will admit listening to (and who used to look like this; it was the 70's), and the latter is an old Québécois rocker that sounds like what you'd get if you crossed AC/DC with Bryan Adams, and then put their lyrics through Babel Fish.  They're both awesome.
I need to know I'm not alone.  What's your writing soundtrack?  Is it cheesy?  Is it really cheesy?  Or is it super-extra hip and do I need to now go crawl under a rock in shame?  You can tell me.  As you can see, I won't judge you.  Promise.


  1. I also like to write on music, though the soundtracks depend on the genre of story I am writing at the moment. I don't choose cheesy normally, though some of them can be considered love songs.
    I like writing on AC/DC, Guns 'n Roses, Nirvana, Bon Jovi... I like the American Beauty and the Braveheart theme song, and also the Diva Dance from The Fifth Element. :)

    1. Genre is important in the choice of the soundtrack, I agree. Also, way to go on the hard rocking choices there. I like hard writing music for some projects. I think the intensity keeps the momentum going when energy is needed throughout the piece.