March 21, 2012

What Did You Think of the Launch?

Spring was making a discreet appearance in the fog on Friday, as we gathered for the launch.  Dozens of poeple packed the Cagibi, a nicely decrepit café on St-Viateur.  We drank and ate and talked.  We listened to music and wrote,  while mist covered the windows.
            Here Be Monsters launches mark time for me, like a little pause in our hectic lives to live our passion for stories.  I’m always humbled by how many people come to share that with us.  It’s an amazing feeling, and I always end the night with a nicely swollen ego.
            What I mean to say is, we had a great time (but being a writer, I needed two paragraphs to get there).  And now, I’d like to ask you how you liked it.  What did you enjoy?  And most of all, do you have any suggestions to make our future launches even better?  As an example, we’ve been talking about asking people to participate in the prompt-writing.  What do you think of that?  Would you do it?  Or at least would you enjoy watching new, different people struggle with impossible combinations of ideas and then look awkward on stage reading their stories?
            Anyway, if you want to take a minute to send us your comments, it’d be greatly appreciated.

            We’d also like to thank everyone who helped us bring about issue 6: Alana Newcombe (graphic design), Annabelle Métayer (cover art), Parissa Mohit (book trailer), Sam LeClair (editing), and all the writers whose work appears in the issue: Anna Avdeeva, Kim Goldberg, Tyler MacFarlane, Molly Lynch, Ira Nayman, Justin Joschko and Ben Lemieux.  Thanks also to Le Cagibi for being wonderful hosts, and to Sam LeClair and Nathan Wilsonand the Byrd of Prey for the gift of their wonderful music.

            See you soon.  And don’t forget that Issue 6 is now out, and also available online.

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  1. It was super fun! Love the prompts! That Vincent fellow is super cute.