January 13, 2012

The Deadline Approaches

Our submission deadline is in just a few days! If you still have something to submit don’t panic. You can leave the panicking to us as we sit bleary eyed and caffeinated reading through the numerous stories we’ve received. Numerous is really understating the reality of it.

I saw this recently posted on an education forum. It describes in detail how to grade, we can’t use it however at HBM, because we aren’t grading. Also if we used a similar method… well we would miss out on imagination and other worlds. We could use a modification of the stair method, but again we’d only be cheating ourselves out of literary goodness.

To change topics, so many crazy things are happening in the world. I will keep myself from talking politics, or education here, but I’m tempted… So I will just mention that I had our logo, which is pretty awesome, printed on a t-shirt. This combination of logo plus t-shirt is even more awesome. So awesome it’s crazy. It’s crazy good, not crazy bad like some other events that are perhaps political.

I had intended on posting tonight about some of the sites that we receive from submitters. Unfortunately, life has just been too hectic for me to get down to it. I check them out, but I wanted to comment on a few. So I hope to have more time in the days and weeks ahead to get to this. This may be a little ambitious, but what’s life without a little ambition? 

Then there is also ambition like this... So You Want to Write a Novel

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