September 1, 2010

That's the fun of writing

In the last few days, I've been chasing the spark. That is, the elusive little invisible thing that makes you start a story. Yes, it's true that inspiration isn't everything, that sweat and hard work and all that protestant work ethic thing is indispensable to good writing, but in the end, I'd never do it if not for the thrill of that spark. It's my drug of choice, and it's hard to come by, because nobody knows exactly where to find it. It's buried somewhere at a crossroads of ideas, under a signpost that shows the direction to somewhere you'll never get to. You have to bump into it while walking with your eyes fixed on a different horizon; then you'll shake your head, blink, and you'll see it. For an instant, you'll think it's obvious, how could you have missed it, it burns your brain with its intoxicating light. And then, you'll spend days and month writing, trying to get it back. That's what keeps me doing it. That's the real fun of writing.

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