October 17, 2009

Website creation, blogging, prompts from you guys...

So there are a few things I am curious about. First, we want to do a Website eventually for our writing project, but none of us has experience with that. Anyone know what tools, services, etc would be good to use for Website creation?

Second, I discovered BlogJet and have to say it seems to make the blogging easier. A nicer easier to use interface. Anyone know of anything better? Blog writing advice is welcome too.

So we met this morning to do our prompt writing for a bit and we used dice to randomly select one each from the people who made suggestions (only one due to lack of time). Sadly there were no missing pants stories. Thanks for all the ideas!

I got one of my brother’s, a beginning sentence from wikipedia. I have to say that what I wrote may not make a whole lot of sense because it is a snippet of a much larger idea that I have been kicking around for a while now. I won’t elaborate too much because if I write the rest it would be less fun to read, maybe, if the main idea was already known…

July 17

A sense of shame is the consciousness of awareness of shame as a state or condition. My shame is dark, a stain on a hospital gurney cover. Why? Why? This is in fact something I feel uncomfortable writing. Writing will not make it more real. No, the realness is not the issue here. What is done is done. The issue is secrecy. I know what I did, so do a few others. Most of whom no longer matter. I want to free this inner demon from my chest, but I cannot even write it in here, to you my mute friend.

July 23

The last few days have been busy, but most of what has been happening has in fact been in my head. I have decided to reveal my secret here. I hope just that no one reads it before I am no longer alive. I hope any family I have, if any by then, will not be the ones to read it. Things have been happening and the newspaper article I am folding between these pages describes it well. The picture, so still, makes everything look peaceful.

July 23… again…

When I discovered the case, that subject and I knew he was beyond normal, my heart raced. I had never felt so alive, but yet moved as if stuck in a barrel rolling down hill. Momentum built, things fell into place. Things cascaded. The subject was unaware of his uniqueness, in fact he was aware, but delusional… perfectly, well not quite. A possibly sane man who believed he was not. That was why he was undergoing psychiatric evaluations. The initial discovery that set things in motion was from the PET scan. His brain looked to be a sort of network of four individual brains interconnected within one human skull.

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